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Plix: the photo requesting app

Photo-Sharing Ain't that easy or is it?

  • Most candid shots

    Over 62% people believe that their best shots may never have been shared with them.

  • Forgotten Memories

    From the over trillion pictures taken annually, less than 15% ever get shared.

  • Procrastination

    Over 80% people accept that they have procrastinated in sharing photos with their friends.

  • Simplicity or Privacy

    Facebook and Whatsapp are too public while Whatsapp hasn't been built for album sharing. Emailing or other options are too cumbersome.

So why Plix

  • Unlimited sharing

    Blazing fast way of sharing whole albums not just singles pics. Forget media upload limitations.

  • Get's your Memories Automagically

    No more following up friends, or cumbersome single photo transfers through Whatsapp

  • Privacy control

    100% privacy guaranteed, we don't upload/share unless you want to.

  • Surprises too

    Proprietary technology using metadata and facial recognition has enabled us to create some cool features. Go ahead and give it a try!

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